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Best web hosts in the US, tested, reviewed, and ranked.

About Us

We created Best-Web-Hosting-Reviews.net to help you find the best web hosting in the US tailored to your specific needs. Finding the most suitable web hosting provider can be quite challenging at times. However, we strive to simplify your search through our team of experts who constantly review web hosting companies across the globe. Our primary objective is to make it easier for you to find the best fit for your needs.

We at Best-Web-Hosting-Reviews.net value secure, reliable, and affordable web hosts that deliver excellent value for money. We test hundreds of web hosts around the globe; however, our focus is on the best ones for our audience in the US.

For our testing, we use 4 basic points: website speed, customer support, website builder, and security. However, the following factors will also play a pivotal role in our final score:

  • Features Offered

  • User Experience

  • Reliability

  • User Feedback

  • Price/Value Ratio

  • Plan Bundles

  • Company Stability

Leave the search for us while you have all the knowledge necessary to pick your hosting provider in the US! The research done by our experts will make your decision a much easier process that fits perfectly with your business requirements.

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Four Foundational Pillars

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Website Speed

Loading speed is typically the most noticeable part of your site’s performance. The faster your website loads, the better it can rank in search results, and that’s the main reason Google loves fast-loading websites.

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Support Quality

When issues arise, knowledgeable and helpful customer support makes a good web hosting company great. Support must be helpful and point you in the right direction. Most support teams can answer your questions, but not all can provide an excellent customer support experience, which we greatly value.

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Website Builder

Not everyone knows how to build a website. Most users want a simple website, and that’s where website builders come into play. For those who lack technical skills, a typical website builder offered by the web host can be a very helpful tool to get online. With that in mind, we prioritize website builders with plenty of pre-built templates and great features in our scoring.

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Another important metric is security. Web hosts offer standard features like an SSL certificate, but few offer regular malware scanning, automated backups, and secure server infrastructure. Security involves more than just SSL, so we take security very seriously in our review process.